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  • Serves as a member of firefighting and control crew operating in case of fire or emergency in assigned areas. Works under conditions of extreme personal hazards at any location within facility jurisdiction;
  • Operate facility communications equipment, relay, and record information;
  • Recognize response hazards & safely use each piece of response equipment;
  • Clean, inspect & maintain all Fire appliances, equipment and maintain records;
  • To deploy covering materials, control extinguishing agents, and reduce water damage (salvage);
  • Follow facility evacuation routes, evaluate hazards and identify a safe haven;
  • Ability to operate fixed fire protection systems via electrical/ mechanical means;
  • Utilize master stream appliances, given an assignment, an extinguishing agent, and a master stream device, so that the agent is applied to the fire as desired;
  • Evaluate and forecast fire growth and development;
  • Operate & use the site water supply components & identify damage or impairment;
  • Establish water supply for fire-fighting operations, given a water source and tools, so that a water supply is established and maintained;
  • Identify the components of the pre-fire and response considerations;
  • Correctly don and doff thermal protective clothing and to perform assignments while wearing thermal protective clothing;
  • Control breathing, use SCBA in limited visibility conditions, replace SCBA air cylinders, use SCBA to exit through restricted passages, initiate and complete emergency procedures in the event of SCBA failure or air depletion, and complete donning procedures. Rescue a fire fighter with functioning respiratory protection, rescue a fire fighter whose respiratory protection is.


Minimum experience: 6 years;Oil & Gas experience is preferable;
Meet minimum physical fitness abilities as per NFPA 1582.

Application process


We carefully review your application and in the coming weeks, you will be notified for an interview session if you are selected. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 7 days.


After being shortlisted, you will be contacted via email or telephone to arrange for a date on your availability for the qualification interview.


During the interview, you will be assessed on your level of experience and skills, work history, availability, and the qualifications the company is seeking for the position.


After successfully making through the phone interview, a face to face interview will be scheduled between the candidate and recruiter. This session can be a more in-depth interview to review your communication and interpersonal skills.


Submission of candidates resume for client’s approval and screening.

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